This is a private session to embody your truth and access the intelligence of your body through creative movement.  You'll expect a check in, breathing meditation, journal, guided elemental dance, witnessing and integration.  It is an honor and a privilege to facilitate the environment for the feminine unfolding.  Intentional dance is a portal towards liberated expression and healing. Dance rituals are amongst the most ancient forms of magic, it goes beyond embodied prayers, it opens up the channels for spirit to move through us. May we remain humble to listen and may we fall in love with the body we've been gifted.

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Hola, I'm Centehua, thank you for being here.  

May this space inspire you to come home to yourself through right relationship and connection to your body and the environment.  My intention is that we may embody the fullness of our essence so that we may be able to show up for ourselves, our healing and our craft. I believe we hold the keys to our liberation and I believe that the garden is the portal to personal transformation. At the root of the dysfunction we see in the world and in our lives is the disconnection to nature. I believe the medicine we need is within us and under our feet, my work is to help us remember how to return to a life that is in right relationship to the wild and in active joyful participation with all of creation.  I find it of vital importance to awaken our heart and remember how to share our medicine and by doing so we support the healing and regeneration of our culture.  My prayer is that we together we deepen in our connection with Gaia the earth and remember the bonds we share as one human family.