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Lunar Rhythm


        I created Lunar Rhythm as a portal towards the embodiment of the feminine in all her forms. We all have unique gifts that weave the fabric of the world we are creating. I believe that movement transforms the stories we carry and enables our vision to be clear. In order to share openly and boundlessly we must give ourselves permission to be vulnerable and receptive. We dance to befriend and integrate the shadow self, working with archetypes to bring forth all that is hidden and allow her to have a voice. Our dance is ceremony and in our rituals we embrace the fragmented or wounded parts of us without judgement.  We center in the womb space, reclaiming our ability to heal from the inside out, to birth our creations, dismantling old forms and patterns, taking full responsibility for ourselves.  We honor and call upon our ancestors who paved the way and celebrate us in the light. When women dance they activate the energies of earth, clear ancestral pain and embody their unique experience thus cultivating self-love and acceptance.

Moving our bodies freely and creatively can bring about much healing as we reclaim our authentic expression.  Dance is revealing. It is wild spirit made visible.

Woman embodies spirit through her senses. I believe we are birthing a new vision for the earth and regenerating our relationship with her and with our bodies. Birthing is a downward spiral motion of energy moving towards our roots. Dance can awaken the wisdom in our wombs and help us remember our creative nature and magic. Dance is alchemical, we are turning our lead into gold.